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Handbags As An Investment For Resale Or Enjoyment – Brand Means So Much

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When investing in one of these classic handbags and when one maintains it well they could recoup the most if not all of the investment in just a few years. It is good to do a bit of research to see which bags have the highest resale value over years before making in investment, if that is important to the buyer. It should be difficult to discover which are the true classics that continue to sell out year after year.

The simple fact that some are in high demand when it comes to limited edition, new and classic handbags by certain name brands speaks volumes. In some cases, buyers can even turn right around and sell them for even more than they purchased them for; this is especially true in the case of vintage styles. A handbag addiction can actually be a money maker!

According to recent studies in 2016, there’s even one classic handbag brand that increases in value by almost 15 percent per year! That is a better investment than gold, and even buying stocks; amazing but true! However, not many are in the habit of buying handbags for resale. Most prefer to sport them with their favorite outfit and show off their personal sense of style.

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Bag Styles

There are several classic handbags styles to add to one’s entourage. Consider the following favorites and make a wardrobe complete by these simple, name brand additions. The right buy can be a timeless addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Flap bag – The flap bag is definitely a classic, trademarked.The various sizes and colors of the flap style mean that anyone will easily find one to suit their purpose. They are rectangular in design with a closure the flips over the top and fastens, and then feature a small handle across the top.

Tote – The tote may be the most versatile style for women on the go. They are large, but not at all bulky or floppy, and have enough room to carry a flap bag or tote inside while still bringing along everything needed for a day trip.

Shoulder bag – A shoulder bag is of course, one that is carried over the shoulder. Straps are typically a big longer but some can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s height. The messenger bag is a variant in which the wearer puts the strap over the head and across the chest.

Cross bag – A cross bag is worn the same way as a messenger bag only it is much smaller and has a more definite shape. They are very functional and fashionable all in one. It remains secure, in place and is a perfect option for activities where one doesn’t want to be concerned about losing anything important, such as an amusement park or concert. They are worn by men, women and children.

Clutch – The clutch is a slim, flat handbag with no strap or handle. They are commonly used for formal events so as not to detract from the outfit. There isn’t much room in the clutch suffice for perhaps a tube of lipstick, mirror and powder compact which is usually just enough for that type of event.

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